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No Yield (Gem) xx

High Yield x Marauding x Imposing

Gem carries all the most spectacular thoroughbred performance lines- Sir Tristram, Star Kingdom, Precipitation, Bay Ronald, Secretariat, Sovereign Path- all the greats, all in one pedigree. Like so many great Thoroughbreds, The Tetrarch also appears many times as a major type setting thoroughbred sire. Great pedigree aside, Gem has a world class temperament- she will stand for children, loves cuddles, and has proven lovely progeny on the ground.

Gem is very exciting for us as a stud, and we intend to put her to a range of top Holsteiner jumper stallions, with the aim to breed for blood type, modern sporthorses, capable at the top levels of jumping and eventing.

Stallions Used/ Planned





Renegade Z

Renegade Z



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