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Daisyodee xx

Snippetson x Lion Hunter x Zabeel

Daisy is a lovely, kind type, with stunning movement at all three paces. She is feminine, kind, and has a high number of the Throughbred greats in her pedigree, which are known for producing great jumpers and eventers. Among these are Sir Tristram, Thatching, Better Boy, Sovereign Path, Wilkes. Her sireline is Lunchtime, and her damline descends from Better Boy- a rarity! Daisy also shares several lines with the great Jaguar Mail, including several crosses of Tom Fool and Buckpasser. We expect Daisy to produce athletic, foals, highly suited to both Jumpers and Eventers.

Stallions Used/ Planned





Renegade Z- PPT due July 21

Renegade Z



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